Park Rules and Regulations

Despite the thrilling and adventurous hours in our park we kindly ask you to be just as considerate and careful as usual.
We kindly ask you to observe the rules and regulations listed below when visiting our park in order to avoid any disagreements.

1. Parking
The German road traffic regulations (StVO) apply to our car parks. Please make sure that all doors as well as the trunk, the windows and the sun roof are closed when leaving the car and that there are no visible items left in it.
We cannot compensate in case of theft or damage to your vehicle caused by other persons.
This also applies when damage is caused by storms, fire, hail, explosions and other exceptional incidents.

2. Tickets
There is no admittance to the Bayern-Park without a valid ticket
The ticket is valid only on the day of purchase
Tickets expire upon exiting the park’s premises
Persons under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be denied entry to the park and can be expelled from the park’s premises

3. General Safety Regulations
a) Smoking is not permitted in any ride or attraction
b) Visitors are asked not to leave the paths and squares
c) Weapons or other dangerous items (such as pistols, knifes, chains, brass knuckles, etc.) must not be taken to the park
d) In your own interest, the park staff’s orders must be observed
e) Outerwear must be worn
f) Dogs of any size are not allowed in the park, even with a leash.

4. Use of Facilities and Attractions in the Amusement Park
Visitors can use the facilities in the amusement park according to the respective terms of use. Please always observe the staff’s orders. In case a visitor intentionally violates the directions and instructions for use, the staff is authorized to expel him from the attraction without causing a claim for compensation on his part.
This also applies when a visitor tries to push to the front in a queue.
Visitors are liable for all damages caused by violation of the instructions for use or by malicious damage.
Visitors cannot claim the repayment or a partial repayment of the entrance fee in case of power failures caused by thunderstorms, storms or other incidents and a resulting breakdown of facilities and attractions.
In case of heavy wind, limited sight, thunderstorms or extreme weather conditions we are entitled to close certain facilities and attractions in order to protect the park’s visitors from harm.
There is no claim whatsoever to the repayment or a partial repayment of the entrance fee.

5. Use of Playgrounds
The use of play equipment and similar facilities takes place at own risk.
Adults must not use the play equipment.

6. Legal Responsibility
Children younger than 14 years are admitted to the park only with a parent or adult guardian (minimum age 18 years). 
As we cannot discharge our visitors of their parental responsibility we ask all parents and accompanying persons of groups to provide proper supervision for the children.
Accordingly, guardians and parents are liable for all damages caused by the children under their supervision.

7. Limitation of Liability
We assume liability only for damages our staff caused by intention or gross negligence. In particular, we do not accept liability for any items brought along by our visitors.

8. Lost property
Lost property with small value (such as clothes, caps, shoes etc.) will be stored for 14 days. Objects of value (mobile phones, cameras, wallets etc.) will be stored for six months due to legal regulation. Please be aware that subsequent reports of loss can not be considered. Please report your loss immediately to and include an exact description of the lost items.

9. Reports of Injury or Damage
All facilities in the park are carefully maintained and monitored. Please report any damages or injuries you may have through no fault of your own before leaving the park’s premises.
Any compensation claim is excluded in case a possible and reasonable damage report is made after the park’s premises have been exited.

10. Advertising and Offering of Goods and Services
The park management‘s prior, written permission is required for any kind of advertising on the park’s premises and car parks as well as for the offering of goods and services.
This also applies for surveys and counts.
Promotional activities and demonstrations for organisations, associations, interest groups and individual concepts by all possible measures are prohibited on the park’s premises and within all buildings and rides ect. and every case will be punished by expulsion from the park’s premises, civil prosecution as well as criminal prosecution for breach of domestic peace

11. Filming and Photography for Promotional Purpose
Filming and photography take place in the Bayern-Park. Please avoid such areas in case you do not wish that photographs or film sequences possibly taken of you will be published later on or inform the photographer / the film team accordingly as otherwise we assume that the material can be used without any fees.

12. Domiciliary Rights
The amusement park reserves the right to expel any person who violates the park’s rules and regulations or do not carry a valid ticket on the park’s premises.
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