Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

How much do you charge for parking?
Our 4.000 parking spots are completely free of charge. No matter if you visit us by car, bus, mobile home or any other vehicle.

Can i stay overnight with my mobile home or in a tent?
Overnight stays on our parking spots are possible and free of charge. Please regard that there are no toilet facilities, power outlets or water supplies available.

Can i bring my dog / pet into the park?
To provide safety for our guests, dogs and other pets of any size are not allowed at Bayern-Park, even with a leash.

I lost my parents / children / friends in the park. What do i do?
We recommend to arrange a prominent meeting point when entering the park for the case of somebody getting lost. You can also get stickers for your kids at our cash registers, where you can note your phone number. If you get lost anyway, don't panic: Just refer to our staff in the park.

I lost something in the park. What do i do?
Most lost items find their way to our lost & found office. Please refer to our guest information to fill out a missing item report. If you notice your loss after returning back home, please send an e-mail with your contact details and a description of your lost item(s) to If possible, please tell us when and where you possibly lost your items. Please note that if you’ve lost an item on one of our rides, our ride operators may not be able to retrieve it immediately, so please fill out the missing item report at our guest information.

Do you accept ATM-cards or credit cards?
We accept ATM-cards and specific credit cards at our entrance cash registers. Inside the park, we accept cash only.

Can i withdraw cash at Bayern-Park?
You can withdraw cash at our cash registers at the park entrance.

I need first aid / a paramedic. What do i do?
Just approach our nearest staff member or refer to our guest information at the entrance or our medical service station (Park plan number 76).

Can i leave the park and re-enter?
No problem, just get your hand stamped our guest information at the entrance. Re-entering without a stamp is not possible..

Do you have lockers for my baggage?
Our lockers are right behind the entrance cash registers. Fee: 50 ct.

Can i rent a stroller for my child?
Rental strollers are available at our guest information. Fee: 2,- €, Deposit: 20,- €

Where do i get a key for the disabled toilets?
You can get your key at our guest information. Deposit: 10,- €. Of course you can keep this key for the duration of your visit at Bayern-Park.

Where can i buy ride tokens for the toboggan slides?
You can get your ride tokens right at the toboggan slides. Prices: 1 Token: 1,50 €, 3 Tokens: 4,- €
Please regard that our toboggan slides are not operating at rainy weather consitions.

Can i bring a selfie-stick into the park?
Due to safety regulations, you are not allowed to bring selfie-sticks inte the park.

Can i make onride-films or photos during the ride?

Filming and photographing during the ride on our attractions is not allowed for private persons, even with mounted cameras.

Can my children visit Bayern-Park alone?
Children under 14 years of age are only allowed to visit the park accompanied by an adult.

Do you have any overnight accomodation options?
As we don't have any hotels right at Bayern-Park, we do have six premium-partner hotels where you can book overall packages including entrance to the park: Bayern-Park premium-partners

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