Handicapped guests

Handicapped guests

Here you can find important information to provide an easygoing, funny and safe stay at Bayern-Park.

Required accompanying persons
Parking spots
We provide special parking spots for handicapped guests on our main parking area P1. Just follow the signs.
All our entrances are fully accessible for wheelchair users.
Path network in the park
Bayern-Park's path network is basically barrier-free. However, please regard that the park area is hilly and you sometimes may need the help of your care person.
Toilet facilities
We provide two fully accessible toilet facilities at Bayern-Park. They are located next to the entrance near our self-service restaurant Hofstadl (Park plan number 5) and next to the diner beneath our Freischütz launch-coaster (Park plan number 50). You can get your key at our guest information. Deposit: 10,- €. Of course you can keep this key for the duration of your visit at Bayern-Park.
First aid
Just approach our nearest staff member or refer to our guest information at the entrance or our medical service station (Park plan number 50).
Souvenir shops
Our souvenir shops (Park plan numbers 3 & 48) are fully accessible for wheelchair users.
Our dining areas are mostly accessible for wheelchair users. If you have problems with our queue bounds, you can go right to the respective counters.
Use of our attractions
There are special restrictions and regulations defined by TÜV Süd for all our rides. This may be minimum heights, age restrictions or physical features that are essentially required for the ride. Despite the information on this site, please do also regard the information signs on the entrances of the respective rides.
Use of our attractions for wheelchair users
(wheelchairs have to be parked at the respective entrance during the ride time)

Please see the table "Use of our attractions for wheelchair users" in our Guideline for handicapped guests

In individual cases, our staff members may prohibit your ride due to safety reasons. This may especially occur when persons can't use provided safety equipment (safety bars, safety handles, harnesses etc.) due to physical or mental health restrictions. We apologize for any inconvenience.
Entrance fees
Children under 100 cm height free
Handicapped visitors (with certificate) 18,- €
Accompanying person (for handicapped guests) free

Please regard: A handicapped person can't be an accompanying person for another handicapped person.
We wish you an unforgettable day and lots of fun at Bayern-Park!
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