Animals at Bayern-Park

The Bayern-Park derives its origin from animals as at first the park’s area was just a farm with husbandry, run by the Hochholzer Family.
Breeding red and fallow deer was not really more than a hobby then. However, as the animals attracted increasing numbers of visitors and evermore families made a trip with their children to see the enclosures on weekends and holidays, the decision to accommodate more animals and to found a game park was an easy one.

Alfons Hochholzer and his son Josef opened the Vilstal Deer Park on August 2nd, 1985. Various sorts of deer,  pygmy goats, and miniature ponies were the main attraction in addition to some carrousels, a playground and the coffee and cakes which were sold in the park. Cameroon sheep, chamois, ibexes,  lynxes and maggots followed by and by.

Also after the extension to a recreation park in 1991, the animals’ enclosures were still integrated in the design of the themes. Currently, twelve different animal breeds can be watched in their outdoor enclosures in the wood and on the grassland and particularly the young visitors are very delighted with the great number of pups every year.

The animal- loop road starts in the rear part of the park directly adjacent to the big lake with the paddle steamer and the gondola round trip which leads directly through the Bavarian castle.  Here, the animals have their peace in the shadow of the trees and can be watched from up close. The nearby kiosk at the Twinbob-Toboggan’s station offers the possibility to sit down for a while and have a snack break. For those, who want to increase their knowledge about the animals at the end of the loop road, however, the competition at the “Olymp of the Animals” might be the best way to commence.

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