The Park’s Offers for Senior Citizens

Are your better half and your grandchildren still testing the fun factor of all the rollercoasters and whitewater facilities? You, however, prefer it a little bit more peaceful?
The park of course also offers comfortable train rides through idyllic landscapes and  boat rides along picturesque woods.  Those who prefer solid ground beneath their feet will find a way back to their roots when looking at the lovingly designed cottage garden and the historic farm houses. Why don’t take your grandchildren to the baroque church and tell them how things were back when you were a child?

As the park is barrier-free, all the attractions can also be reached with walking aids, wheeled walkers or wheel-chairs.
You can bring your own drinks and snacks, however, it is of course also possible to buy refreshments in the park.
Dogs are not permitted due to hygienic reasons.

All restrooms are well signposted. The spaciously designed disabled toilets are furnished with a separate access.

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