The Bayern-Park: An Adventureland for Families

The Bayern-Park is an adventure for the whole family – with breathtaking roller coasters for big boys and adventurous rafting tours for tough girls.
The youngest ones can go climbing and jumping, sliding and horse-riding. And the head of the family can keep a wary eye on his kid all the time.    The entire equipment is furnished with information concerning the respective appropriate age.  The park’s staff will be happy to help you in case of further questions as well as to assist the little-ones to enter the rides. Some of the rides can even be slowed down upon request so no one gets too dizzy. Those kids who prefer to take it easy and to just relax join their Moms and Dads or Grandmas and Grandpas on the big paddle steamer for a tour around the beautiful Bayern-Park lake.

Time to have a rest and a bite: you will find benches throughout the entire park from where you can easily and comfortably watch the fun and games during your break. The three snack bars are also very cosy. There’s one at the entrance, one next to the indoor hall and one at the foot of the “Freischuetz” where you can get pizza and French fries, Coke and ice cream. The park has several baby changes which are comfortable counsellings for families with baby carriages.

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