Action and Thrills

Action is the order of the day here. Adventures that guarantee adrenalin rushes.
Those who are looking for adventurous thrills in the Bayern-Park will find them within short. No matter whether roller coaster fans or coaster freaks or folks enthusiastic about thrilling, nostalgic rides on rails: in the amusement park in Lower Bavaria you can also find the adrenaline filled rides which will enchant the “danger-lovers” .

Everybody knows them from public festivals or the Oktoberfest in Munich: the rattling roller coasters which pull up their cars slowly at first and then whoosh down again. The Caterpillar Coaster in the Bayern-Park operates according to the same principle.

But there are other ways: a launch coaster which hasn’t been seen yet on any of the big public festivals and which represents the opposite of the rattling adventure on rails is just being constructed as a new attraction. The “Freischuetz” sort of vaults its passengers into the first looping. After that they whoosh – or let’s put it that way – they glide at a breakneck speed from curve to curve. This new roller coaster (which will presumably be opened in Summer 2011) is not for the faint-hearted and its solid construction is not only particularly thrilling but also very unique worldwide.

There are other things, however, to make the pulse rise, such as whitewater rafting and the classical whitewater ride. Those classics among the amusement park rides are always a warrant for fun and a must for those enthusiastic with speed. Speed is also a topic when it comes to the park’s steep slide and it requires quite some bravery to dive into the depth. The brave ones though are rewarded with a breathtaking slide. Attention: addictiveness!

Those who are looking for the kind of butterflies in the stomach that are caused by a free fall will be happy riding the gigantic swings and pendulums. The big boat- swing sways from one side to the other and causes this particular sensation with each and every sway.  And you better not underestimate the frog-shaped pendulum in this regard.

Now we wish all adrenaline junkies thrilling hours in the Bayern-Park and a strong beating of the heart which will not cease before you are on your way home again.

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