Important Information regarding your visit

Important Information regarding your visit
Before planning a trip to Bayern-Park please note our tips and requirements regarding your visit!
Dear visitors,

the health and safety of our visitors and employees has top priority. The spread of the Coronavirus leads to many questions which we are trying to answer on this page. Please check our website regularly for the latest news or check out our social media channels.

Planning your Visit
As of now, a so called "3-G" certification is required to enter the park. Therefore, all visitors 6 years and older (excepts students with a valid student ID) need to have either a vaccination documentation, a recovere proof or a test certificates. The detailed requirements are listed below. You need to bring the certification as well as a government issued ID to enter the park.

Covid-19 Test
Tests that are performed at an offical test center need to be less than 24 hours old (Exception applies for PCR-Tests which are valid 48hours). If you do not have a chance to visit a test center you can perform a so-called self-test on site in the parking area. You can bring your own test or buy one on site for 3,-€ each. Please be aware that the test NEEDS TO BE PERFORMED ON SITE NOT AT HOME! Please not that depending on the number of visitors that need to perform a test there can be a LONG WAITING TIME.

Proof of Vaccination
Please bring along either your vaccination pass or a digital certificate (for example: Cov-Pass App, etc.). The second immunization shots needs to be 15 days or older (exception Johnson and Johnson, 15 days post first shot).

Proof of Recovery from Covid-19
You need to bring documentation of positiv PCR test (older than 28days but less than 6months old). An antigentest cannot be accepted as proof.

Recovered from Covid-19 & Vaccinated
Bring along a positive PCR test as well as your immunisation record (paper or digital). In this special case you only need documentation of one vaccination shot along that is 15 or more days old and the positive PCR test result.

Students with proper documentation (student ID, report card, student bus ticket, enrollment certification, etc.) are excempted from the 3-G documentation. This also includes children that will enter first grade in September.

Children under the age of 6
Children under the age of 6 are exempted from the 3-G documentation.

Where can I be tested?
•    We advice our vistors to test near their home less than 24 yours prior to visiting Bayern-Park and arrive with this test. A list with stations can be found here:


Do I need a dated ticket prior to visit the park?
Currently you can only visit the park with a dated ticket which you need to purchase prior to visiting the park in our ticketshop. Children under 100cm body heigth can enter the park free of charge and do not need an Onlineticket. Birthday kids (as well as birthday adults) can visit the park free of charge the date of their birthday (documentation required) they are exempted from the Onlineticket. Visitors that have an "Ehrenkarte", gift certificate or aktiv Card Bayerischer Wald don´t need a reservation but have to fill out a form with their contact information prior to entering the park.

I have an undated Ticket what now?
We have a limited number of visitors that we allow in the park per day. In order to stick to this limited you need to transfer your undated ticket to a dated one. The process is simple and there is no extra charge. Just visit our ticketshop and be prepared to enter your ticketnumber(s).

I have a gift certificate what now?
You can book a dated ticket using one gift certificated per transaction. If you have more than one gift certificate please contact us.

My Covid-19 test came back positive - what now?
Do not visit us, drive home and take care of yourself. Contact us via E-Mail ( and let us know your order number. We will schedule your visit for another date.

I have a dated ticket and would like to come on a different day - what now?
For a service fee of 2,50€ per ticket you can reschedule your visit for another date - this service is only avaliable until 8:30 of your visit date. Tickets that are not used expire.


Where do I get a season pass?
Due to current circumstances there are no more season passess avaliable for the 2021 season.

I have a season pass - do I need a reservation?
In order to guarantee a reduced number of visitors in the park it is necessary that you have a reservation. The reservation is free of charge for all season pass holders and can be doen in our ticketshop. Only once reservation can be made at a time.  Children under 100cm body heigth do not need a reservation. If you cannot visit please cancel your order or let us now - this way someone else can take your spot.

At the Park

Where do I need a mask and which type?

Everything that has a roof requires you to wear a mask as well as in selected attractions wearing a mask is required (Please not our signs in the park). If it is possible to keep a distance of at least 1,5 meters you are not required to wear a mask while walking around in the park. Children 6 years and older need a "regular" mask. Visitors 15 years and older need an FFP-2 mask. This also applies to visitors that are exempted from wearing a mask due to a docotrs note.

General rules and important information when visiting the park:

achtung_pikto.png Only visit the park if you feel well!
Keep a distance to other visitors of at least 1,5 meters
Pikto Händewaschen.png Wash your hands regularly!
Pikto Hand aus Gesicht.png Keep your hands out of your face!
Pikto Mundschutz.png You may onlz enter the park wearing an appropriate mask! You are required to wear a mask while waiting in roofed cue lines and entering buildings.

Important information regarding attractions, shows and gastronomy:

Please note that due to current regulations the following restrictions apply:
  • Spielplatz Räuberwald: closed
  • Burg Fellbach: closed
  • Piratenschatzsuche: cancelled
  • Doppelwellen- / Steilrutsche: closed

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