From 0 to 80 km/h in 2.3 seconds. Four inversions and three overhead elements. 40 seconds of pure adrenaline on 483 spectacular meters. This is Freischuetz, our unique Launch-Coaster.

Extremely fast changes of direction and acceleration characterize the ride on our latest attraction. Driven by an extremely powerful and efficient solenoid actuator, the X-Cars rush through a breathtaking track with only one straight passage, the launch. With G-forces of up to 4.4 g, the ride on our Freischuetz Launch-Coaster is an unforgettable and unique experience. Innovative hip-bars on our X-Cars ensure a maximum of comfort and enjoyment for twelve passengers during the ride. The innovative technology also provides an optional second round, where the X-Cars rush through the station without a break.

With reference to the opera “ The Free Shooter” (i.e. The Freischuetz) the new rollercoaster tells the story of the huntsman Max, whose love to Agathe leads him to make a pact with the devil and to cast an infernal bullet which always hits its aim. The X-Car symbolizes this bullet on our rollercoaster and takes 12 passengers for a breathtaking ride on glowing wheels. The drive system is also a world premiere – it recovers up to 80 per cent of the braking energy  which then can be taken for the continuous operation of the rollercoaster.
Passengers must be at least 140 cm tall.

Important information

Required height / age attended by an adult


Required height / age unattended riders

140 cm / 8 years

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