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Open from 9.00 a.m. - 17.00 p.m.
Rides open from 09.30 a.m.
admittance until 15.00 p.m.

Der Bayern-Park Kinder-Club
Der Bayern-Park Kinder-Club. Aktuelle Infos, tolle Aktionen und viele Vergünstigungen warten auf dich!
Child’s birthday parties in the Bayern-Park
You get free admission to the Bayern-Park if you visit us on your birthday!!
The Roundboat Trip through the Castle Garden
The visitors are strongly recommended not to miss the roundboat trip in open gondolas on the white castle’s water channels. The boat takes you through the entire castle garden and thus you can admire all details from up close.
The Piggy Ride
Five piggies offer the chance to go for an approximately 60 metres long round trip through the landscape with flowers and gardens, around a small pond and back again to the ride’s entrance.

Welcome to the Bayern-Park!

Disvover exciting adventures in the Bayern-Park! Smooth children’s railroads, refreshing whitewater-rides and awesome rollercoasters for the whole family, as well as rapid action in our Freischütz launch-coaster make our amusement park the right place for your unforgettable family trip to bavaria.
Four exciting new attractions and great events, such as the children’s day with the band Donikkl and even more guests on June 14, are waiting for you in our 2014 season.
The Bayern-Park – The amusement park for the whole family!

Tageseintrittskarten bestellen und sofort ausdrucken - Ideal auch als Geschenkidee! Jetzt neu in unserem Online Ticketshop. >>
Higher, wider, faster – Double the fun in our new king’s flight. >>
From 0 to 80 km/h in 2.3 seconds. Four inversions and three overhead elements. 40 seconds of pure adrenaline on 483 spectacular meters. This is the Freischuetz, our unique Launch-Coaster. >>
Come in stranger – the treasures of Thalonien lie within the forbidden tower Thaolon. But be aware: eternal banishment to the mines of Thalonien awaits any who would disturb the silence of this mystic place. >>
Discover eagles, vultures, falcons and even more birds of prey in our spectacular show. >>
Adrenaline, action and a variety of leisure time adventures for infants and teens: no matter whether it is raining or sunny weather, the indoor hall offers consolidated play and experiences. >>


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